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puts the play into iGaming with the most innovative games on the market, capturing the imagination of a new generation. Whether you like an amazing slot game, a speedy scratch card, a puzzle strategy game or a full-on entertainment experience with our video lotteries, we have the most beautiful games, with the most exciting game-play and the most massive, life-changing jackpots.

From our days as a scrappy start-up, we’ve grown (grown, not grown up!) to a company of 85 talented designers, developers and makers with big ambitions for the online real money games market. We supply state and private lotteries around the world, as well as online casinos and sportsbooks.

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We occasionally write or contribute to whitepapers on key issues affecting the industry, from the future of lottery to diversity and responsibility in gaming.

Lottery for the next decade: this extended essay looks at the future of lottery, starting with the results from a survey on the attitudes and motivations of over 2000 lottery players and non-players and moving on to ten basic rules for an i-lottery and directions for future growth.

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We think our team is the best there is – but maybe you’d make it even better! We are growing and always striving to get better – so if you’re an amazing artist, a developer building beautiful code or a producer with a passion for games – then please just get in touch.


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